The Palila Trip to Kīlauea

Mālama i ke Kanaka

FRIDAY: 8-22-08

Today is the first day of the Hawai‘i hula trip and we had to wake up super early.  When we got to Hilo, we rented a huge van that everyone could pretty much fit in. Unfortunately the Naniloa breakfast wasnʻt open, so we ended up eating at Kenʻs Pancake House. Breakfast was really good, but what was better was that we got to see where Merrie Monarch happens. I think it looks way different from the way it looks on TV because now it just looks like an ordinary tennis court. We also saw the place where the dancers change. They call it the "cave" because itʻs under the bleachers and all it is, is a long hole that they put a curtain over.  -- Pomaika‘i Yamaguchi

Today [at the Ka‘auea lawn] we started a song with ‘ili‘ili called "Pu‘u Onioni." Then ‘Anakē Māpu went to get a permit to pick lehua to make lei. 'Anakala Kīhei told us a story while we were waiting about how [in "Pu‘u Onioni"] Hi‘iaka had asked Pele to keep her friend safe and not cover her up in lava. We had time afterwards to write in our journals, and the sidewalk started steaming, and it started raining. It looked like the steam was dancing across it.  -- Ellia Bower

After our snack, we picked lei plants like pūkiawe, ‘a‘ali‘i, and ‘ōhi‘a lehua. Some of them are hard to break off because the stem is very thick. When we first got there [Hilina Pali Road], it seem like everywhere was full of plants, but then I had a hard time finding any good ‘ōhi‘a lehua. The other plants were easy because there were a lot of them. After we picked our plants, we went to the Big House [our bed and breakfast place] and learned how to make wili [-style] lei. It was hard, but all of our wili came out nice, pretty, and beautiful.  -- Bailey Namahoe

When we were picking flowers, it was very nice.  We learned about the different kinds of plants and how to pick the plant gently and politely.  Then we came back to the Big House and talked about the rules in the house. Then ‘Anakē Māpu told us the instructions of how to make the lei. First we had to get a few strands of raffia, tie the top, and find the longest strand. Then we had to put the flower on the raffia and wind the raffia in between the leaves so all the plants could stick.  -- Leimomi Kamiko Alapai

We ate dinner at a fancy restaurant [Volcano House Restaurant], and everybody felt special. The food was really fresh, but the best part of the evening was Halema‘umaʻu. We already knew that it was blowing this steam thing, but our waiter told us to go outside in the dark and look carefully. When we saw it out there at night, there was this red glow. Everybody was like, "That is so cool." -- Māhealani Kaukau

Day 1:  Kanaka‘ole Stadium, Hula on the Ka‘auea lawn, Plant-picking, Lei-making

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Day 2  |  Day 3