Kūnou Welo Pāpale Ke Aloha

MM 2014 – We Tip Our Hats With Love


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Aunty Elizabeth Maluihi Lee, national treasure, lauhala weaver extraordinaire, Festival of Pacific Arts favorite, and kupuna of our hearts, made all 24 of our MM pāpale seen on stage and in the stands on Saturday night. These pāpale become heirlooms, and her effort, at age 85, becomes a story to be told again and again. We honored her at our Sunday brunch with "Kaulana nā Kona," and "Kuilima Hula." In the words of Lili‘u Tomasello, "dancing for Aunty Maluihi at brunch, with our pāpale on, was more rewarding for me than any MM award we could have ever received. such an honor..and a memory I will cherish forever."  Thatʻs the kind of Merrie Monarch it was. Again.