Keiki Hula 2011

Ka Lei Momi ‘Oe a ka Lāhui

Girls' Kahiko

Sixth Place

Aunty Mālia Craver

Hawaiian Language Award

First Place


[We] are certainly grateful that she has another family, more aunties, uncles, and sisters to love...and to have those same people love, support, and speak the truth to her with grace.  She'll be the first to say how much she loves hula, her anake, her kumu, and her hula sisters.  As only a child can, she usually offers some innocent comment on how in her hula family, the girls are kind, speak well to one another, and think highly of their hula sisters.  She sometimes contrasts this to the "every man for himself" attitude that she experiences in school, in our neighborhood, or in her other performance areas.  Hula is her safe place, in large part because you and the anake have made it so.  It's a special thing :)