The ‘Iwa Trip to Kaua‘i

Sleep-over at Aunty Māpu's

SATURDAY: 5-15-10

When I first came to Aunty Mapu’s house, there was only two aunties waiting. I was expecting more aunties but then I realized more would be coming. After we used the bathroom, we went outside to do some fun activities.  For these activities, we were observing three plants.

The first plant was a ‘ōhi‘a lehua which is a puffy plant when it turns into a flower. We also learned that in Hawaiian songs, lehua can mean a special person, a warrior, a sweet heart, or an expert. Then we learned about the laua‘e. The laua‘e smells like maile if you smash it.

Then the final plant we learned about was the pūhala. Something interesting about the pūhala is that a hala fruit cluster that sort of looks like a pineapple is called ahui hala and only grows on the female tree. A white hala flower called ka hInano only grows on the male tree.

Out of the three plants, the laua‘e was my favorite plant because it smells like maile when you crush it and in old Hawaiian songs, the words laua‘e and ka ipo laua‘e can also mean a special person or a loved one.

After observing plants, we made our plumeria lei and tea leaf braid po‘o and kūpe‘e.Then we practiced Nani Wale Nā Hala with the pū‘ili.

Finally, we had a dilishous dinner of buttered corn, salad, teriake hamberger, and rice. Now we are about to sleep.

-- Sammie Saruwatari


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