The Mamo and ‘Ō‘ō Trip to Kaua‘i

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SUNDAY: 6-14-09

Today, June 14th, we went back to the pa hula. We got to dance a lot of our dances. After we had lei that we made, so we left it as a gift. . . One more thing. On the mountain where the pā hula was, Aunty Mapu said, “If it wasn’t for the first hula song, there would be no hula. And if the Hawaiians didn’t build this pā hula, we wouldn’t be here.”. . . Today was awesome. I wish it wasn’t time to leave for home. – Eva Manzulli

Then we left to dance at the pā hula at Makana cliff. And then we chanted "Kunihi." It was so much fun and I remembered the hole thing. Then the anake danced "No Luna." It was so nice because they were great, then we danced "Liliu E" and "Kawika." It was nice but I did not do as good as my anake. It was good though. . . Then we danced "Nani Wale Na Hala." It was cool because I have never danced in front of the ocean before. – Kamalani Awana

First we chanted “Kunihi ka Mauna.” Then we went on to the pa hula and watched all the anake dance “No Luna.” Then we danced “Kawika,” “Liliu E,” “Nani Wale na Hala,” and last “Ula Noweo.” Then Anake Mapu told us we can give one of our kupe’e as a gift. So most of us did and some of us said thanks which was the best give ever. I gave both kupe’e and I said thanks. -- Kaimana Naone

I am sad I am leaving Kaua’i. It’s my first time going some-where without my mom. I love Kaua’i so much. I don’t want to leave, but I’m at the airport right now and I miss Mom, Dad, Kaikua, Kanoa, Grace, and Malkuika. We’re getting ready to leave. I see the people loading our bags. I met lots of friends on this trip such as Kaimana. – Kaleihōkū Cleveland

Oh my gosh! I loved everything that we did today. The most exciting part was when we danced at the pā hula, that’s because now we did a real performance up there. It was so awesome that we got to dance up there. Yesterday another thing I learned was how to add lauae ferns to my kupe’e. I learned this pattern that really helped me catch on, that was: stick in, braid over, fold up, stick in, braid over, fold up.

Maualei Umiamaka

I had a very good time at camp. My anake are so nice, both of them are. They took really good care of me, of all of us…I feel really sad to leave camp today, and most of all we had a very very good time today. . . We danced at the Kaua’i airport. It was so fun because everyone clapt for us. We learned a lot of new songs and dances. I do not want to leave, but we are going home now. – Calsea Shaner

Day 3:  Keahualaka, Kalalea                                    


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