The Mamo and ‘Ō‘ō Trip to Kaua‘i

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SATURDAY: 6-13-09

Today was the day we would hike up to the pā hula where Pele met Lohiau. I felt sooooo (20 more o’s later) oooo special! Because it was here for 100s and 100s of years. Then we get to have the honor to dance beautifully to show our gratitude for the land. Afterwards I was crushed. I had to stay out of the beach water because I couldn’t find my bathing suit. . . When we got back to camp Naue my calming session started: lei workshop. But on one of your leis there was a twist.  You have to braid it with lauae fern. That was challenging,but who doesn’t like a good challenge! (well I like challenges!). – Kapualani Yogi

At the beach, Uncle Kīhei showed us the rock called Kilioe. Where the Hawaiians put their baby’s piko. Uncle Kīhei told us about another rock called Pohakuokane. And he is sitting on the cliff in what looks like a chair. And there is one more rock in the ocean, but I‘m not too sure what its name is. . . I almost forget something else cool. Hawaiians used to take a certain plant and then light them and then throw them off the cliffs [above the pā hula]. -- Kananikamaha‘o Tamala

I liked when we went to go to Kē‘ē beach to swim. I felt that it was a very special place to swim. I liked when Anakala Jonah came in the water even though the games that Anakala Jonah wanted to play I didn’t want to play because I wasn’t a fast swimmer or a fast runner. . . I also liked seeing all of plants [at the pā hula]. My favorite plant is lauae because we get to put it in our kupee. – Kau‘i Kaleleiki

When you graduated as a kumu hula you had to swim past the shark and he decided if you should graduate, and if you do, you swim around the  [point] into the area where you bathe and get ready to perform. Then we got to see the area where they got ready.  As we were walking on the rocks, I felt like I was gong to fall down the hill. Afterwards we went to the beach where the water was freezing cold when we first got in. – Solene Fraser

Today we went to the beach and hiked up to a secret pā hula. I felt so special to be allowed to go up there. We went the way that only Kumu used to go. It was so cool. When we got to the pā hula Anakala Kihei told us how if people wanted to be a kumu [in the old days] they had to go to a shark gardian and if he thought you were fit to be a kumu he would let you pass. But if he didn’t, we don’t know. – Kaia McLaren

Today was fun and exciting because we hiked all the way to a pā hula. It felt good to be sitting in an ancient place. We swam at Kē‘ē beach, and the water was cold. It was fun to play wth ‘Anakala Jonah in the water. After that we had lunch and a lei workshop with our tī leaves. Tomorrow we’ll be leaving for O‘ahu. I wish we could stay a little longer! – Pualani Cochran

Day 2:  Keahualaka, Kilioe, Kē‘ē Beach, Lei making                                     


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