The Mamo and ‘Ō‘ō Trip to Kaua‘i

Ua ‘Ike Wale ‘Oe

FRIDAY: 6-12-09

When we got off the plane we drove to Ninini point [and] danced "Nāwiliwili." I felt really proud of myself because I learned it really fast. Today we learned a lot of things. The first was the tree named hau. [Another] was the chant Kūnihi. I was happy that I learned this new chant. When we got to the Hanalei pier, Auntie Mapu showed us the limu o manu‘akepa, then we danced to "Lumaha‘i." That was my favorite part of the day. -- Kayla Manz

Today we had so much fun. We went to Nawiliwili Bay and Uncle Kihei told us a story about Hi‘iaka and Hinaiuka and he said to pass on and tell the storys to other people so that they will not be lost and no one will know about them. He also told us a story about pa‘u o Hi‘iaka, a plant, and how it saved Hi‘iaka i ka poli o Peleʻs life, and how the place Ninini got its name [from] a game the menehune played. -- Hina Kaopua-Canonigo

I think I did something very good on this trip. . .

I made new friends. I made friends with Monica and Kaiulani. I never really talked to them much, but now I'm talking to them like I've known them for years! I felt very proud when we chanted "Kunihi ka Mauna" for Nounou . . . because we were chanting directly to Nounou so it made me feel very special. By the end of this trip everybody will feel that they have bonded not only with their group, but with the anakes and with the whole class.-- Kanoelehua Fairbairn

Today when the day was almost over, we got to our camp. Itʻs called Camp Naue. After Anake Mapu said the rules, we got to pick bunk beds. The bunk beds were kinda hard but we put our sleeping bags on them. Then we went outside to the halau and got some paper plates for our collage activity. We drew a picture of something we saw during the day and colored it. Then we went to the beach to gather some shells, sand, or anything that could make the picture more nice, beautiful, and coloreful.  -- Ka‘iulani Fernandez

We went to Hanalei Beach Park. We danced hula on the grass and I saw a fish. The ocean was so beautiful and the ocean water was so clean. I wished that we were swimming in the ocean right now. [Earlier] we went to Hanalei lookout where we saw the foods growing. The food that we saw growing is called lo‘i kalo. It looked like we were looking at puzzle pieces. . . Today was my first day ever to come to Kaua‘i; we danced hula a lot, but it was really fun. -- Monica Nissle

When we were driving to Nawiliwili, Anakala Kīhei told us about a plant called hau. Anakala Kīhei told us it is easier for him to memorize [its name] by all the twisted branches. You wonder, "How (hau) do I get through?"  The hau is a tree that grows bright yellow flowers in the morning and it turns brown and orange towards the afternoon. . . Our camp is Naue. My group is Kamalani, Hina, and Kayla. At Naue beach we went out and planted two baby pūhala plants.

-- Ku‘uleimomi Ishiki

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Day 2  |  Day 3

Day 1:  Ninini, Nounou, Hanalei, Naue