Did the Festival help to "combat the erosion of traditional practices"?

Not as much as it could have. I’ve observed a loss of focus over the last three festivals as we become more commercial, more technology dependent, more volume-addicted, more audience-driven, and more willing to appropriate – without adequate caution, thought, synthesis, or acknowledgment – that which is not our own. That which is “uncustomary” is now moving, increasingly, to center stage. That which is old is now being pushed, increasingly, to the peripheries.

-- Excerpted from our response to the 10th Festival Evaluation conducted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

Top: HMI in front of the fale Hawai'i on the Festival Village Field. Above left: Makanani Akiona, apprentice kapa-maker. Center: Kahikina de Silva at work on her feather cape. Right: Pua‘ala Hiura, apprentice poi-maker.

Was the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts enjoyable?

I don’t think “enjoyable” is the best evaluative word here. I enjoyed much of the festival, and I did not enjoy some of it. I think it more important to say that I value, without reservation, the entire festival experience: its challenges, its joys, and its disappointments. All provide lessons of identity-defense, values clarification, and relationship-building that are crucial to my people and our Pacific family.

-- Excerpted from our response to the 10th Festival Evaluation conducted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

Top: Kimo Bright and Lokomaika‘i Lipscomb in the "we are like scattered pebbles" scene of Alani Apioʻs Kāmau. Above; HMI at the Utulei Beach Stage, ‘ili‘ili in hand.

E Kū i ka Hoe Uli

The Tenth Festival of Pacific Arts


Our prophetic chants of the 1700s urge us to: "‘Au‘a ‘ia e kama" and "E tū i ta hoe uli" -- "Hold fast, child, to your land," and "Take up the steering paddle; hold true to your course." We have done our best in the intervening centuries to listen, to hold, and to steer. Members of Hawai‘i's delegation to the 10th FPA include master weaver Maluihi Lee, stone-worker Kana‘e Keawe, kapa-maker Moana Eisele, the hālau hula of Keawe and Tracie Lopes, and the cast of the new-but-old drama Kāmau. We come, with tools old and new, to defy again the tides that would render us "mea ‘ole" -- no ones, nothings.

-- Excerpted from the souvenir booklet of the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts.

Top: Lilinoe Sterling at the Utulei Beach Stage.  Above; left to right: Maluihi Lee, Kana‘e Keawe, Moana Eisele.

Did the Festival allow its participants to "share their cultures and establish deeper understanding and friendship between countries"?

Yes, in powerful and soul-satisfying ways. For example, our understanding of the people of American Samoa – the problems we share, the hopes we cling to, the values we defend – has undergone a major shift in paradigm. As, no doubt, has their understanding of Hawaiians. Ours is the same battle and resolve.

-- Excerpted from our response to the 10th Festival Evaluation conducted by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

Top: HMI and new friends at Fagasa Village. Above left: Māpuana and Eteuaki Tusi, the best of men. Center: Kapua Sterling teaches lei-making in front of our festival fale.  Right: Anna Kahalekulu joins fearlessly in an impromptu Fagasa farewell.  


FPA 12
Monday, July 28
Fale activities (artisans, healers, HMI, Kāmau cast)

FPA 13
Tuesday, July 29
HMI at Utulei atage

FPA 14
Tuesday, July 29
Ha‘eha‘e and HMI at the village field

FPA 15
Tuesday, July 29
Stadium night concert (Ha‘eha‘e and HMI)

FPA 16
Wednesday, July 30
Cook Islands and Ha‘eha‘e at Utulei stage

FPA 17
Wednesday, July 30
Closing ceremonies at Tafuna Stadiium

FPA 18

Thursday, July 31

Kāmau at the Lee

FPA 19
Saturday, August 2
Delegation visit to Vatia

Picnic at chief Lauti’s

FPA 20
Sunday, August 3
HMI to Stephanie’s, Amouli, Tula
Aeto shorn at Tafuna

FPA 21

Monday, August 4

HMI to Fagasa Village

FPA 22
Monday, August 4
Tafuna PTA performance and gifting

FPA 23
Tuesday, August 5
Barstow Library presentation
Liaison gifting

Sunday, July 20
Depart Honolulu
Pago Pago Airport welcome
Arrival at Tafuna High School

Monday, July 21
Utulei canoe arrival ceremony
Delegates’ parade to Fagatoga
Fagatogo awa ceremony

Monday, July 21
Tafuna Stadium opening ceremony

Tuesday, July 22
Festival Village opening
Fale activities (artisans, Ha‘eha‘e, HMI)

Wednesday, July 23
Fale activities (artisans)
Ha‘eha‘e at Utulei Beach stage

Wednesday, July 23
Stadium dance performances: Wallis/ Futuna, Tokelau, Niue,


Thursday, July 24
Fale activities (artisans, healers, HMI)

Kāmau and HMI at village field

Friday, July 25
HMI shopping at Island Creations and Tutuila Store
Fale activities (artisans, HMI)

Saturday, July 26
Fale activities (artisans)
HMI at Utulei stage and village field

FPA 10
Saturday, July 26
Fashion show at the Lee: Cook, Niue, Guam, Hawaii, Fiji

FPA 11
Sunday, July 27
Church lunch
Dinner at Sadie’s
Kāmau at the Lee